May 31, 2023

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Poland says it wants $450,000 from Ukrainian refugees

The Polish Social Security Service said that Ukrainian refugees with children were illegally paid benefits in the amount of 2 million zlotys, or about 450 thousand dollars.

According to the Polish edition Rzecz Pospolita, refugees from Ukraine lose their right to benefits “500+” and “300+” paid for each child if they are absent from the country for more than 30 days. The amount of benefits paid out in violation is PLN 2 million, and to date, approximately PLN 35,000 has been recovered.

According to the publication, there have been cases when Ukrainians entered Poland only for the sake of receiving these benefits, and then immediately returned to their homeland.

Earlier, our publication told how Ukrainian refugees lose their children in Europe. Refugees from Ukraine are deprived of parental rights and their children are taken away from them, and these are not isolated cases. In European countries, juvenile services are increasingly making such decisions. More in our material.

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