March 23, 2023

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Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: 7800 dead and amazing rescue (video)

The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria exceeded 7,800 people, WHO predicts that the death toll could reach 20,000. Rescue work continues, a newborn girl was rescued from the rubble yesterday.

Otherwise, as a miracle, it is impossible to call the salvation of the crumbs – the whole large family, including her mother, died, having managed to give life to her daughter before her death. As tells The Guardianrelatives found a girl tied with an umbilical cord to her mother, who died on Monday.

A newborn baby was pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in northern Syria. The girl is the only survivor, the rest of the next of kin died when earthquake with a force of 7.8, the family home in Jindairis was leveled to the ground. Her relative Khalil al-Suwadi says:

“We heard a voice while we were digging. We cleaned up the dust and found a baby with an umbilical cord, so we cut it and my cousin took her to the hospital.”

A video of the amazing rescue has gone viral on social media. It shows a man running from the rubble of a collapsed four-story building, clutching a tiny child. A second man carries a blanket to try and keep the baby warm in sub-zero temperatures, while a third man screams for a car to take her to the hospital.

The girl was taken to the nearby city of Afrin, and family members spent the next several hours recovering the bodies of her father, Abdullah, Afraa’s mother, four brothers, sisters and an aunt. The joint funeral took place on Tuesday.

In the incubator of a hospital in Afrin, the baby was put on an intravenous drip. Her tiny body is covered in scars and blow marks. Her face and fingers were blue from the piercing cold as pediatrician Hani Maaruf monitored her vitals. He tells:

“Now she is in a stable condition. She had several bruises and lacerations all over her body. She was admitted with hypothermia due to severe cold. We had to warm her up and give her calcium.”

The publication notes: in Turkey, the death of 5894 people was confirmed, in Syria 1932 people died, that is, the total number of deaths reached 7826 people.

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