March 23, 2023

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Emergency landing of the liner due to … soccer balls

In Denmark, the plane made an emergency landing, in the cabin of which there were football players of the Swedish club Gothenburg.

The reason was the presence on board of thirty soccer balls in the luggage compartment, and the pilot was warned about the threat of their explosion. The incident was reported by a journalist publications Aftonbladet, who was on board the ship.

The team was heading to Spanish Torrevieja for a training camp. 30-40 minutes after the plane took off, the aircraft commander reported receiving a “strange announcement”:

“We have learned that there are about 30 inflated balls on board. Due to the danger of their explosion, we need to land in Copenhagen.”

The crew reported that the warning came from employees of the Gothenburg airport, who forgot to warn about the balls and assumed they were inflated. The pilot said that the plane would stay in the Danish capital for about half an hour and continue flying after the balls were deflated. He apologized for the inconvenience.

However, after landing, it turned out that the balls were still not inflated. The club said they blew them off before takeoff and the plane landed due to a “false alarm”. But the decision to make an emergency landing was made by the airline and the crew, so they are not waiting for compensation claims.

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