May 29, 2023

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North Korea was outraged again on Sunday and denied supplying arms to Russia

Even after the release of evidence by the United States about the supply of weapons, the DPRK denies providing PMC “Wagner” missiles and shells.

Agence France-Presse quotes Corresponding message from the Korean Central News Agency:

“An attempt to tarnish (North Korea’s) image by fabricating a non-existent thing is a serious provocation that should never be allowed to happen and that cannot but provoke a reaction.”

Kwon Yong Kun, director general of the US affairs division, said Washington would face a “really undesirable outcome” if it continued to spread “homemade rumors.” He called it “an unreasonable attempt to justify giving (US) weapons to Ukraine.”

Formerly United States announced PMC “Wagner” is a “transnational criminal organization”, referring, in particular, to the fact that it trades in weapons with Pyongyang, violating UN Security Council resolutions. The White House showed photographic evidence of US intelligence showing Russian railroad cars entering North Korea, picking up a cargo of infantry missiles and returning to Russia. The photographs were handed over to the UN.

Last November, it became known that the United States was accusing North Korea of ​​secretly supplying Russia with a significant amount of artillery shells for use in the war in Ukraine and of trying to cover them up. According to intelligence, the ammunition is sent to the countries of the Middle East or North Africa, but is intended for Russia.

In December, a senior US official stated that the Wagner PMC, which participates in the war in Ukraine, took delivery of arms from North Korea last month. Pyongyang denied these claims.

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