February 2, 2023

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Riviera Tower: work has begun on the country’s first skyscraper in Elliniko

Work has begun on the Riviera Tower, the country’s first skyscraper, in Elliniko. It is a 200 meters high tower with 50 floors and 180 apartments. All residences will be spacious and offer unobstructed panoramic views.

The plan envisages the creation of an aesthetically laconic architecture of the building with a significant presence of greenery and water, which will enhance its bioclimatic character. Once completed, the Riviera Tower will be one of the most sustainable skyscrapers in the world five years from now and an example of sustainable design that incorporates best environmental practices and the latest international safety protocols.

Lamda Developments announced the start of work on the Riviera Tower via Twitter, referring to “a new architectural landmark of unique importance and scale.” “Riviera Tower, the first skyscraper in Greece with a height of 200 meters, will be a new architectural landmark of unique significance both for the country and for the whole world! Work on the flagship project has already begun!” the company’s management wrote.

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