February 5, 2023

Athens News

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For the first time in Greece, cheese was made from unpasteurized cow’s milk.

The American School of Agriculture (Αμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή) was the first in Greece to start producing cheese from fresh, that is, unpasteurized, cow’s milk.

In other countries, the production of cheese from raw milk is quite common and includes such recognizable products as pecorino, roquefort and brie. In Greece, pasteurization of milk for the production of cheese has until recently been mandatory according to sanitary standards.

A recently introduced new regulation allows, under certain conditions, to produce cheese from raw milk. In particular, the production of cheeses aged for at least two months from raw milk is permitted by decision of the competent veterinary authority, as provided for in the relevant ministerial decision.

The American Agricultural College yesterday unveiled the results of the Raw Cheese project, which made cheese from raw milk.

  • The unique flavor characteristics that come from feeding animals on natural pastures are not lost.
  • The natural microbial flora of milk is not destroyed, which affects the maturation of the cheese and gives it a rich flavor.
  • Some enzymes are not destroyed, while others are activated.
  • Milk proteins are not destroyed by heat.

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