February 2, 2023

Athens News

News in English from Greece

In January, new drawings/draws of “vacation vouchers” (“διακοπο-voucher”) will be held, in particular, under the programs “Tourism for All” and “North Evia Pass” (North Evia Pass), announced Vassilis Kikilias.

The Tourism for All draw will take place towards the end of January and will include 125,000 digital vouchers to allow Greek citizens to travel within the country for three days. He went on to say that the amount of the holiday subsidy (value of the voucher) will be €150 and can be used until June 1, 2023.

He also spoke about the program of discounts for travel tickets. “The ticket program for Evia and Samos will also be expanded. So we will have additional vouchers for affected areas and we support them. The draw will be held for 12,000 beneficiaries,” he stressed.

We remind you that holidays with vouchers in North Evia will be 150 euros, and for Samos 300 euros. Local transportation, food and lodging expenses are covered. The Tourism for All voucher can be used at all hotels in the country, but does not apply to tickets and meals. Within the framework of the program, financial assistance in the amount of 150 euros is provided to individuals who meet the conditions specified in the application. Especially for people with disabilities, as well as for beneficiaries with disabled children, the financial support is 200 euros.

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