February 3, 2023

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Died theater and film actress Inna Churikova

Actress Inna Churikova died yesterday, the director of the theater “Lenkom Mark Zakharova” Mark Varshaver announced her death.

Inna Churikova died in the capital’s hospital, she was 79. On the night of January 4, her health suddenly worsened, and her relatives called doctors. A private ambulance took her to the Botkin hospital. The medical staff kept the hospitalization of the actress secret. She had previously been diagnosed with multiple cysts in her brain. It was impossible to operate – her body would not have survived. The best specialists did everything to improve the condition of the actress, but their attempts were in vain. Yesterday afternoon, the heart of a Soviet cinema star stopped.

The legendary actress will be remembered by the audience for her roles in the films “Morozko”, “Beginning”, “The Same Munchausen”, “Vassa”, “Shirley Myrli”, in the series “Idiot”. Her career began in 1965, when she graduated from the Theater School. M. S. Shchepkina. At first, Churikova worked at the Moscow Youth Theater, then under contracts in various theaters, and in 1975 she became an actress at the Theater. Lenin Komsomol in Moscow (Lenkom).

In 1970, Inna Churikova became the “Best Actress” according to a poll by the magazine “Soviet Screen”, thanks to the role of Joan of Arc in the film “The Beginning”. In 1991 she received the “NIKA” award in the “Actress” nomination for 1991. In the same year she was awarded the title of “People’s Artist of the USSR”.

During her long career, Inna Churikova starred in 81 films. Several of them were filmed by her husband, the famous director Gleb Panfilov. The last film with her participation “Ivan Denisovich” was released in 2021.

In recent days, a serious illness crippled the actress, but relatives hoped for a recovery. Gleb Panfilov, in a conversation with reporters, said:

“That’s how it happened. No one expected … Do not rub salt in the wound … It hurts very, very much. I have no strength to endure it anymore.”

The director of Lenkom, Mark Varshaver, bitterly stated:

“There was no great Russian actress. Inna Mikhailovna is one of the last of the Mohicans who left us, from our great theater. Health failed, but what to talk about it now. Let’s grieve, be silent, it will be more important than now to think about how she was sick, than she was sick, it no longer plays any role. I last spoke with Inna Mikhailovna about a week ago, we were waiting for her return to the theater.

Last summer, the artist with multiple injuries ended up in the Botkin hospital: she stumbled unsuccessfully and fell. Since that time, the actress has ceased to appear in public, as she lay all the time. Churikov did not like to complain about her health. The film legend answered the questions of journalists with humor, and told her colleagues that she would heal a little and return to Lenkom. The artist planned to enter the stage in February …

President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the family of the deceased People’s Artist of the USSR.

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