February 2, 2023

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March 11, the first direct flight USA – Greece

On March 11, the first direct flight from the US to El.Venizelos International Airport in Athens in 2023 will take place, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said.

On the same day (and earlier than ever) there will be the first direct flight in the South Aegean region, namely at the Rhodes “Diagoras” airport, as announced by the regional governor Georgios Hatzimarkos, who stressed that the pace of air traffic for 2023 is so optimistic that “seems too good to be true”.

The Minister of Tourism said that 56 flights a week from the US and Canada to Athens have already been announced, and demand continues to increase. The first direct flight from the US (Delta Airlines) will depart from JFK, New York. “This company stopped flying just 4 days ago, which means that soon, in addition to Emirates, all 12 months of the year will have direct flights of American airlines. It is very important that the extension of the tourist season is not just words, but deeds,” Mr. Kikilias told ERT.

He added that he asked agencies and professionals in the sector to be ready from March 1to welcome travelers who this year will start coming to our country earlier than usual again. Noting that hotels and accommodation, as well as service salons (SPA centers), archaeological sites and museums, the entire commercial world and the main production “is based on income from the tourism sector.”

Mr Kikilias said the big bet for 2023 will be the availability of slots (aircraft parking spaces) due to the expected high demand that will exist even at night (to allow flights from the Middle East), Australia, and also from China, a country that was closed in 2022 due to restrictive measures against COVID-19.

The Minister of Tourism also noted that the strategy to attract travelers (moneybags) continues, emphasizing that in both 2022 and 2023, tourism, mainly with the lengthening of the tourist season achieved, will support citizens and the average Greek family.

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