February 8, 2023

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The great composer and guitarist Notis Mavrudis has died

Notis Mavrudis, a renowned composer, guitarist and radio producer, died suddenly on Tuesday evening.

“If anything characterized our father as a person, it was his kindness, morality and modesty. We also humbly inform you of his sudden death. His civil funeral will take place in Chalandri in the coming days. Vasso’s wife, children Rodis and Charis, and grandchildren Jason, Ariadne, Elli and Odysseus,” writes his son Haris in his post.

Notis Mavrudis, according to magnesianews.gr, was on vacation at his home in Kukurava. Shortly after 8:30 p.m., he placed a piece of wood on the railing of his backyard and stepped on it, possibly to fix something, but may have lost his balance or felt dizzy and fell.

According to information, a 77-year-old man fell from a three-meter height head on a stone, resulting in fatal injuries. The wife, not believing what had happened, called EKAV. At 20.45, a mobile detachment with a doctor arrived at the scene, but the unfortunate man had already expired. His body was taken to the Volos hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

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