February 3, 2023

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Omonia: arrest of four people for violating the law on weapons and drugs

Three migrants and a Greek woman were arrested for fighting by police officers who arrived at the scene of the conflict and were taken first to the Omonia police station and then to the Athens prosecutor’s office for criminal cases.

On New Year’s morning, in the area of ​​the infamous Omonia Square in the capital, four people were handcuffed for violating public order, as well as the law on weapons and drugs.

These are two Iraqis, aged 36 and 40, a 17-year-old Afghan and a 19-year-old Greek woman, who, according to EL.AS., got into a fight with each other, carrying the following items: a knife 54 cm long, 2 folding knives 15 cm long , an iron rod 1.5 meters long, brass knuckles, a screwdriver 20 cm long, scissors and a bag of cannabis with a total weight of 7.5 grams.

Apparently, the parties to the conflict did not divide the territory for the drug trade. As you know, in Athens, ethnic groups from Morocco, Afghanistan and Pakistan are engaged in petty trade. Between them often there are showdowns “for work in a foreign territory”, one of which was clearly arrived by the police.

The criminals were arrested by the police who arrived at the scene and were first taken to the security department of Omonia, and then to the Athenian Criminal Prosecutor’s Office.

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