26-year-old lady was detained with 14.5 kg of heroin

According to Greek law enforcement officials, a 26-year-old young woman carrying more than 14.5 kilograms of heroin was arrested after a police chase on Monastiriou Street in Thessaloniki. The detainee, presumably, belongs to a network of drug dealers. The suspicious car she was driving did not stop at the signal from the police and only […]

Weapons and drugs were transported in freight transport

Almost 167 kg of cannabis were found and confiscated by the Greek police in an international truck that followed the Thessaloniki-Yevzonon national road to Kilkis. A 37-year-old foreign driver was arrested. According to Greek law enforcement agencies, as part of an organized operation to combat drug trafficking, a covered truck, which had previously entered Greece […]

A drug dealer carrying 58 kg of drugs was caught red-handed

Employees of the Attica Drug Enforcement Administration, with the assistance of the Port Authority of Patras, caught a 55-year-old citizen red-handed. According to ΕΛΑΣ, the detainee tried to import through the port in a trailer of international cargo transport a certain amount of raw and processed cannabis, which he had previously transported to Italy from […]

In Nea Smirni, police seize 40 kilograms of hashish

Two Greeks, 34 and 30 years old, and a 33-year-old Bulgarian were arrested by officers of the capital’s anti-drug police unit in the Nea Smirni region for possession and drug trafficking. More than 40 kilograms of hashish were seized from drug dealers. The arrest in Nea Smyrni, according to EL.AS., was carried out after receiving […]

33 arrests for drugs

Corinth Security Department police dismantled a criminal network that consisted of four organizations whose members were actively involved in drug trafficking in the area. During a major police operation in Examilia, 33 active members of the criminal network were arrested with the assistance of police officers from Corinth, Attica, Argolis, Arcadia, Laconia and Messinia, police […]

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