January 27, 2023

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Greece is in the top 10 most beautiful and cheapest countries to live in

The American edition of Forbes included Greece in the top 10 cheap and beautiful countries for the life of Americans.

An extensive US media piece titled “Quit Your Job and Move Abroad: The 10 Cheapest Places to Live” notes that this list is not just for retirees, but for all Americans looking for a better, more affordable life, or just a way to escape from routine.

Forbes: ‘The cost of living in Greece is so cheap you might not have to work’

Using data from International Living, which publishes global index of best places to retireit is noted that the rating of countries is also intended for people who are tired of work and want to “live happily ever after” in civilized countries of the world, where the cost of living is much cheaper than in the United States. Greece is in seventh place in the corresponding list. As International Living editor Jennifer Stevens points out: “You can actually get off the hamster wheel (endlessly running in circles). After all, life passes!

Thus, seeing a great offer, when you understand that living in this beautiful country with an excellent climate (and you can freely cut your living expenses by half, and even more in some “corners” of the country), this opens up many opportunities for relocation to this fertile land. Here you don’t have to work as much or as much, yet you can afford to spend your days as you please with people whose company you enjoy. You can say goodbye to commuting, the cold, politics, and settle into a place where every day pleases the eye.


Forbes ranking of 10 countries: Greece is a new country that entered it in 2023

As the article notes, Greece has taken steps to create more visa options so people can stay longer. “Other advantages of the country: here is the most delicious natural cuisine. And besides, this is a country with an interesting ancient history,” says International Living correspondent Lynn Rulo.

Greece is also known for its islands. “Countless islands and islets open doors to their knowledge. The Greek islands can keep visitors interested in exploring them endlessly. If Greece becomes your home, island hopping will become part of your life,” Roulo says. “But don’t think it’s just sunshine 365 days a year. Greece is a country with seasons. For example here you can enjoy the beaches in summer, in northern Greece you can practice winter sports. Who likes what. Autumn and spring are also “felt” here. You just need to know where, ”adds the reporter.


“Practically speaking, a couple can live comfortably in Greece for about $1,900 a month, and one person for about $1,600,” Stevens says of the costs. “But keep in mind that for a renewable residence visa, you must prove that you have at least 2,000 euros per month “for expenses.”


Portugal at the top

International Living’s annual global retirement index is designed to help people find the specific places that are best for them, based on their budget and priorities. According to Stevens, this year’s list is smaller than in previous years. “We always try to carefully analyze countries and be objective in order to make the rating as useful as possible,” he says. “Therefore, for 2023, we have combined several categories to better focus people on the factors that are most important for them to consider, such as the cost of living, climate, visas, housing and healthcare.”

The first country on the list is Portugal, followed by Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Spain. Greece is followed by France, Italy and Thailand.

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