February 5, 2023

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“Family Basket”: fixed or discounted prices on 92% of products

For 92% of the products in the Family Basket, prices have been reduced or remain stable in the 10th week of the government’s initiative.

This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Development on the basis of new price lists brought to the attention of the ministry today by supermarket chains. According to Adonis Georgiadis, the “basket” has become 14% cheaper compared to the first day of the implementation of the measure. In particular, out of 833 products in the “family basket”, the price of which is fully comparable:

  • in 55 items the price is reduced,
  • at 714 the price remained stable,
  • At 64, the price has increased slightly.

The measure appears to be moving in the right direction, experts say. Despite the fact that prices remain stable or even fall. “The supermarket chains have done a great job,” says Mr. Doxaras, founder and CEO of Warply (which runs e-katanalotis.gr). Supermarket chains are constantly adjusting their product listings in an attempt to keep prices stable or even lower than their original prices.

К «семейной корзине» присоединились следующие сети супермаркетов и компании: Σκλαβενίτης, ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος, Lidl, Μy Market, Μασούτης, Γαλαξίας, Κρητικός, Bazaar, Market In, ΣΥΝΚΑ, Χαλκιαδάκης, Discount Markt και e-fresh.gr.

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