January 27, 2023

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Father of baby drowned by mother speaks out

Veria’s public is appalled by the mind-boggling act of a 28-year-old mother who threw her child into the waters of the Aliakmonas dam. The father of an 11-month-old girl told how he learned about the tragic incident.

The facts that became known in the case of the murder of a child by his own mother on New Year’s Eve are shocking. “No one loved my child, not even my parents loved him,” these were supposedly the first words of a woman who was taken to the police station. The young mother, under pressure from the police, confessed to her deed and indicated the place where she had thrown the child. She was reportedly unmarried and had no permanent partner. At the same time, she raised the child with her parents.

The father of the child spoke about how he learned about the death of the baby, and what kind of relationship he had with the mother of their common child. “I learned about this yesterday from the police,” he said, noting that he has not yet been in contact with the family of the perpetrator. According to him, he tried to keep in touch with the child. He even went with a girlfriend and a child to the pediatrician on December 2, and also saw him on Christmas Eve. The kid was playing in the kitchen.

The 39-year-old man insisted on identifying the child, but the mother refused. The father specified that the child was supposed to be a year old on January 5th. In fact, he intends to sue, regardless of whether the mother gave her consent to this. As for the funeral of the baby, he said that it is not yet known when they will take place.

According to the information, the mother took the child on December 31 and left the parental home with him, without saying where she was going. Deepening into the forest, she drove up to the dam and coolly threw the child into the water. After that, I calmly went to the hotel to celebrate the New Year. It is reported that the mother’s parents (grandparents) looked after the girl, who, not seeing the child the next morning, reported the disappearance to the police.

According to the post OPEN, mother returned home by taxi. The driver who picked her up told the police that the young woman was in a calm state, and he did not even suspect that she could do such a thing.

According to the information, the young woman suffers from serious psychological problems and has been hospitalized many times (about 10) in a psychiatric clinic in the past. The same sources claim that she was given medication that she had recently stopped taking.

An autopsy of a baby found dead in the Alyakmonas River “showed” drowning.

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