February 2, 2023

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Huge accident on Athens-Lamia highway

The photos of 13 wrecked cars and trucks that collided on the Athens-Lamia highway, at km 53 at the height of Avlon, are simply incredible. The information refers to minor injuries and property damage of colliding vehicles.

In connection with the accident, traffic police officers stopped traffic to remove cars from the roadway and opened a temporary detour through Inofita. Shortly after 11:00 the left lane towards Athens was reopened to traffic.

Tanagra Municipal Council President Giorgos Vugesis told ERT that fog was the cause of the accident. He spoke about the huge material damage and noted that all the participants in the accident were lucky, and we did not mourn the victims of the accident.

He added that there was a car ahead, not a truck. “It was this car that did the most damage,” he said, noting that there was no confusion or big problems on the road.

The poor visibility that exists these days is evidenced by the fact that another accident occurred early in the morning: six cars collided at km 53 of the Athens-Lamia highway, but in the direction of Lamia.

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