January 27, 2023

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Fireworks injured 3 people

As happens every year on holidays, especially when pyrotechnics are used, doctors regularly record a number of accidents. There were no problems this time either.

Penny Lainioti was with her family, as well as hundreds of other residents and guests of the city on the central square of Metsovo, where folk festivals were held. At some point, a firework rocket launched into the sky exploded right next to her. In addition to Penny, three other women were also injured. One had her hair on fire, another had a down jacket, and the third fell unconscious.

“What happened on the central square of Metsovo is something unprecedented. My indignation knows no bounds. I had a strong shock, ”a 21-year-old woman told reporters of the ERT channel.

“Everything happened so quickly… I turned to kiss my relatives, parents, and suddenly a fire broke out at my feet… I went deaf for a moment, and then fell unconscious. I don’t remember much of what happened. From what I was told afterwards, I was unconscious for 10 minutes. Surrounding immediately panicked, dumbfounded by the explosion. The crowd of people mixed up, everyone started pushing against each other … I was lucky, because at that moment there were doctors on duty on the square. One of them brought me to my senses and brought me back to life. He took me to the Health Center… I didn’t have a pulse…”, says the pyrotechnic victim.

“We thought we ‘lost’ our daughter”

“What we experienced was something shocking. We have been coming here, to Metsovo, for the New Year for several years, and this happened for the first time. Every year, rockets with fireworks are launched from the hill above the square into the sky.

Instead of going into the sky (it is this type of firework that “explodes” very high and opens like a fan or an umbrella), the rockets exploded near the ground before they could take off. As a result, a shock wave and fire “covered” the audience. At that moment, there were more than 500 people on the square. There were parents with children in their arms, everyone began to panic, ”says the father of the victim. “We thought our daughter was dead,” admits the stressed-out father.

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