February 8, 2023

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The mother of the child found dead had psychological problems

A one-year-old girl was found dead at the Alyakmonas dam. Authorities arrested her 29-year-old mother.

According to the information, on New Year’s Eve, a young woman left the village of Alexandrias (Imathia) with her 11-month-old daughter, where she lived with her parents, and returned the next day … without a child.

According to verianet, leaving her daughter in the forest, she went to the city and spent New Year’s Eve at the hotel. She returned home the next day. When asked by parents where the child was, she could not give clear answers. The family reported the incident to the police and an investigation began to determine exactly what happened. The search for the baby was taken up by the authorities. After a short time, the child was found at the Alyakmonas dam and taken to the Veria hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

Police from Berea’s department arrested the mother, who allegedly suffers from psychological problems and had previously been treated in psychiatric clinics. The information of the publication inveria says that she was called in for questioning by the police, where, when asked about the whereabouts of the baby, she initially indicated different places (moreover, rivers and lakes). As a result, the woman confessed to her heinous act. The same information indicates that the unfortunate mother was not married and was not in a relationship.

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