July 16, 2024

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Happy New Year! Congratulations from the editors

On the last day of each year, Athens News has a good tradition of congratulating readers, remembering the main things of the past 12 months and sharing their wishes for the future.

For our editors, 2022 was the most difficult and risky year in the entire 18 years of the publication’s existence. We withstood the most powerful pressure, threats, slander, falsifications. We had to change the name and tighten up the comment control policy. For this, many were offended by us, especially readers from Russia, who do not understand that our editorial office is located in Greece, a country that, albeit formally, in the words of the Prime Minister, who is the head of state, nevertheless declared war on the Russian Federation.

We had to endure difficult ups and downs associated with repeated blocking in social networks, related restrictions, bans and blocks for “incorrect” publications, incl. and from google.

But we survived, albeit with some financial losses, and continue our work. And it’s all thanks to you, our readers. We console ourselves with the knowledge: we are opposed by those “who are full of malice, full of revenge, without mind, without feelings, without honor.” And we hope: “God will not give out – the pig will not eat.”

In 2023, we will remain the same for you – gambling and honest. Able to work under tight deadlines, to the detriment of the time that newcomers to the profession arrogantly call “free”.

In the new year, we wish readers and viewers good, joy, endurance and well-being. We count on your support (including financial support) and guarantee reciprocity. Good luck!

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