February 2, 2023

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5 places in the house where you should not hang a mirror

Mirrors are said to bring energy into your home in many ways. This means that if you are a fan of feng shui (or just believe in the transmission of positive and negative energy), then you definitely need to know where in your home you should not hang mirrors.

In the bedroom

It is said that the mirror in front of the bed brings a “third” person into your relationship. Of course you don’t want that! Mirrors can create all sorts of illusions (hallucinations) and cause insomnia. So, for better or worse, leave the mirrors out of the bedroom, or just hang a mirror on a closet door or somewhere else other than opposite the bed.

On the wall that “reflects” the neighbor’s house

Never hang a mirror on the wall opposite your neighbor’s house. Under no circumstances! You do not want to look through your mirror at someone else’s house and transfer any of their energy from there into your own home.


Mirrors reflect everything. This way you don’t want to see clutter in your space twice. This means that you need to place a mirror in front of a space that is constantly cluttered.

In front of another mirror

It makes no sense to transfer energy from one mirror to another. You will feel much better when they do not create the so-called “corridor of reflections”.

Opposite front door

Never place a mirror in front of the front door of your home. If good energy from someone enters your home, it will immediately leave, as it will be reflected in the mirror.

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