January 27, 2023

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Garbage record in Thessaloniki at Christmas

A record tonnage of garbage was collected during the festive three days of Christmas in the city of Thessaloniki, especially in the historical and commercial center.

According to Kostas Iakovou, Deputy Mayor for Cleanliness and Recycling of Thessaloniki Municipality, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the second day, about 1,700 tons of waste were collected from green and blue trash cans.

“We had an increase in the amount of garbage of the order of 15%-20% compared to other years and compared to other holidays,” Mr. Yakov said in APE-MPE, emphasizing that the largest amount of garbage accumulated in the center, in around Tumba and Kharilau, as well as on the street. Maria Callas, where there are many restaurants, cafes and bars.

“1,700 tons of garbage was collected from green and blue bins alone, not counting glass bottles. And this is only from the historical center and some “road arteries” in the 5th and 4th municipalities. The rest of the collection of household waste in microdistricts has been carried out as usual since this morning,” the Vice Mayor said.

The official adds that the cleaning and recycling service is expected to see a similar pattern in Thessaloniki on New Year’s Day. “Judging by the amount of garbage in the city, it seems that there is a lot of traffic in the municipality of Thessaloniki due to internal and external tourism. On the one hand, this makes us happy, and on the other hand, as a job, it keeps us in good shape so that the city is clean,” Mr. Yakovu added.

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