February 5, 2023

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Greek scientists publish shocking study on vaccination

Greek scientists published a study called “Forced vaccination, categorization of citizens and the promotion of inequality in modern Greece and other democratic countries in Europe during the period of Covid 19“.

The study was published in History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences and recently posted on PubMed by eminent Greek scientists: Prof. Georgos Aidonidis of Cardiology, Genetic Biological Engineer Athanasios Kalogeridis, Urologist Charalambos Mavridis, and Biochemist Marianna Evangelou. The fact that the study was published“> app 1) in the Springer Group’s special scientific journal Nature demonstrates its importance. Recognition by the world scientific community shows the great importance of the study.

“There is no personal interest. Everything is done in memory of the victims of the pandemic,” said cardiologist Georgos Aidonidis. “Especially in memory of the 16,000 of our brothers who died outside of the intensive care unit, the victims of the side effects of drugs, the victims of treatment. But also in honor of the future of the world and the future of our children.”

“The study was carried out on the basis of the data we collected, which are considered generally applicable to the treatment of Covid-19 infection in Greece. It was a difficult job, you understand that we had to go through hard times. We had many difficulties with those who control these works, we tried to be as accurate as possible, – Mr. Kalogeridis emphasized. – We started on the basis of the recommendations of the WHO, it was clear that before the implementation of any measures there should be a regular review and especially a review of the safety, effectiveness, necessity and proportionality of these recommendations. We have raised our objections to the prevailing theory of SARS-COV-2 transmission and infection mechanisms, SARS manifestations, and vaccine toxicity.

We also investigated the impact of the suspension of health workers who were not vaccinated, and whether forced vaccination is justified, given the general epidemiological situation that operates in Greece. The relationship between the removal of qualified unvaccinated doctors and the increase in mortality in the face of a shortage of professionals is shown. Also, the policy of the state was based under compulsionby introducing a fine of 100 euros per month for people over 60 years oldwho refused to be vaccinated. On the contrary, for young people, the vaccination policy was based on enticement, by distributing access to mobile Internet to the vaccinated. 50gByte or 150 euro voucherwhich could be spent on tourism and culture (visiting cultural events, concerts, cinemas and theaters).

In the study, we also look at the fact that the government, in an attempt to impose measures, essentially imposed fear and panic on the public about the coronavirus, and the opinion of experts presented in the media had the lowest degree of scientific certainty of evidence-based medicine in history.

Mr. Kalogeridis then mentioned the content of the study: “The data we provide is very important. For example, in Greece we have 3.4 nurses and 0.44 general practitioners per 1,000 inhabitants, while in Germany, with the same population ratio, we have 11.79 nurses and 1 doctor, he noted. – Once again, it is worth noting that the already existing shortage of doctors has intensified with their forced removal. In our study, published in the journal Springer Nature, we report that there was a period in July 2021 when policy decisions were being made in California and Minnesota by the CDC where we had a transition from the original Delta strains. We all pledged to wear masks, of course, vaccination of the population has increased, but we also have side effects, and we we already see and will see their consequences.

At a stage when we still had a high level of contagiousness, and mortality began to decrease slightly, we increased the spread of the disease, as we did not test everyone and allowed people with certificates to move freely even if they had the disease. Roughly speaking, there was no tracking of the disease. Those who received the vaccine, with certificates, were free to go anywhere. Since they had free movement privileges, this also increased the spread of the disease, transmission or restriction of transmission, which no longer in control. The disease has already spread. Instead of all these measures, it was necessary to strengthen the medical care for vulnerable people.”

The study also talks about transmission mechanisms and restrictions, talks about the toxicity of drugs, the need to suspend compulsory vaccination and documenting the commitment. Mr. Aidonidis, speaking about the increase in sudden deaths, said: “We are playing with gene intervention that causes a surge in diseases. The spike causes damage to the endothelium, i.e. damages the vessel wall. The body defends itself, and we have problems that we cannot immediately interpret, we will have turbo situations, there is an international expression “turbo cancer”. Read also “>application 2which indicates the relationship between vaccination and an increase in cardiovascular disease.

This victory for medical workers is the beginning of the end, – said genetic engineer-biologist Athanasius Kalogeridis. – After the decision of the Council of Europe, which allowed them to do everything to support their narrative about the division of people into two categories, vaccinated and unvaccinated, to force vaccination. If you think about it, these people have based their entire policy, all their years in power, on instilling fear, on trying to lure people into a trap. We, on the contrary, are confident that we will not only justify ourselves, but will also receive our compensation for what we have lost over so many months, for the impoverishment and humiliation that we have endured all these months.“.

Suspended (unvaccinated) healthcare workers Greece was not allowed to work anywhere for 16 months, and they do not receive any compensation, roughly speaking, they and their families were doomed to starvation or emigration. This decision was overturned by a decision of the Supreme State Council of Greece (Supreme Court of Greece), but, according to the decision of the Minister of Health, unvaccinated health workers are still many activities are not available.

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