February 8, 2023

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Megaro Maximos: April 9 is the most likely date for parliamentary elections

Parliamentary elections may take place on April 9, this information was leaked from the residence of Prime Minister Megaros Maximos through a pro-government newspaper, as the most likely date.

The Sunday edition of the Kathimerini newspaper made the point, as the premier’s administration says there are five reasons why it considers this date to be the least problematic. In fact, the government seeks to achieve a simultaneous conjuncture of conditions under which Greek society will be less … outraged. According to Maksimou, the holding of elections a week before Easter will be presented as the fulfillment of the promise of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to complete his term in office.

Of course, this is of little interest to the Greeks, since what they care about is the result of the activities of the Mitsotakis government for all this time. The country will avoid two months of further polarization and unrest at the height of the tourist season. This is indeed a logical idea.

The government believes that the measures it has announced will have an impact on Greek society, since the solidarity contribution to the public sector will be canceled from the beginning of the year, pensions will increase, from the end of February they will start issuing … notorious food cards, and a new increase in the minimum wage will be announced before the elections payment, which will begin to be issued from May 1.

Megaro Maximos hopes that the 25 euros a month food allowance given to Greeks will make people less angry about the sharp drop in living standards, as well as an unprecedented foreign policy dependent on the United States. Elections in the spring also mean that by this time there will be no need for heating, which will make it easier for residents to get out into the countryside and combine elections with the holidays. The choice of April 9th ​​also allows the national final exams to be held as normal, as the second ballot box will be installed before student exams begin.

In short, Maximos believes that a few communication tricks will give them some electoral advantage.

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