February 5, 2023

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Greece closed its airspace to aircraft from Belarus and banned flights to it

Greece closed its airspace to aircraft from Belarus and banned its air carriers from flying in the airspace of this country.

This information was published by pentapostagma.grproviding a screenshot of the document for air carriers.

The directive, which was introduced on December 21, will last until March 21, 2023.

This information is not available in official sources and on the website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, according to the newspaper, this step is associated with growing concerns about the participation of Belarus in the war in Ukraine and the expected important statements from Minsk.

The publication mentioned that Russian troops stationed in Belarus since October and part of the “regional formation” will begin to conduct exercises, about which A few days ago, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced. According to the announcement, the exercise will allow “the final assessment of the combat capability and readiness of units” after they are completed.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced in Octoberthat 9,000 Russian troops are being deployed to the territory to form a “regional formation” to protect the country’s border with Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently arrived in Minsk, where he held talks with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. This is the first official visit of a Russian President to the Belarusian capital since 2019. He was accompanied by several members of the Russian government.

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