February 3, 2023

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Increase in electricity subsidies in January

The Greek government plans to reduce the burden of paying sky-high electricity bills in January and increase the subsidy in January to bring the final consumer price to 15-19 cents/kWh.

The Ministry of Energy will announce the increase in subsidies on December 22. As is currently known, writes CNN Greece, January subsidies will be:

  • for the first 500 kWh – 33 cents/kWh in January compared to 22 cents/kWh in December;
  • for the next 500 kWh – 28 cents/kWh against 17 cents/kWh in December;
  • 40 cents/kWh compared to 29 cents/kWh in December.

The goal, the ministry says, is to ensure that government subsidies are targeted and fair, encouraging consumers to achieve energy saving goals.

Electricity tariffs announced by suppliers for January will be higher compared to December – the increase will reach 29%. Tariffs announced by private providers range from 36 cents/kWh (this price includes a discount for persistence) to 52 cents/kWh, with most companies setting their tariffs at 46 cents/kWh.

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