February 29, 2024

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Woman rushed to hospital with severe burns from pipe cleaner

A 35-year-old woman was hospitalized with severe burns she received while cleaning a clogged sink at home.

Speaking on the LiveNews program on the MEGA channel, the victim described how it all happened: “I went to the supermarket and bought a special liquid. When I got home, I read the instructions and slowly poured the liquid down the sink. From the first moment I poured the solution into the drain hole of the sink, I saw smoke coming out of it. After that, I heard a pop and immediately liquid splashed out. I immediately felt a terrible burning sensation in my legs, took a few steps back and started screaming: “Help, I have a burn!”.

The 35-year-old Greek woman added that at that moment she remembered the case Joanna Paliospira, a young woman who was splashed in the face with sulfuric acid by her rival. “For a few seconds, I was confused. However, at that moment, I remembered the case of Ms. Paliospirou, who immediately washed off the caustic liquid, and I instinctively ran to the shower to wash this filth off my skin, ”said a woman who received a severe burn of her lower extremities and was hospitalized.

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