March 26, 2023

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Energean completed a seismic survey in the Ionian Sea region

Energean announced the completion of a 3D seismic survey for the Block 2 offshore area in the northwestern Ionian Sea.

The study collected data from approximately 2,200 square kilometers, which the company notes are of particularly high quality and provide the best understanding of the subsoil in the surveyed area. “Their processing and interpretation, which will follow in the coming months, will allow Energean to assess the size and prospects of hydrocarbon potential and potential reserves, as well as to identify objects that can be explored through drilling,” he adds.

Research findings:

  • Site 2 was the fourth seismic survey conducted by the company from 2009 to the present, and conducted without any environmental or other incidents, and in conditions of absolute environmental safety.
  • During the study, a total of 5 specialized vessels were mobilized, led by the PGS Ramform Hyperion seismograph, equipped with the most modern equipment for research of this kind. In addition, three marine mammal observers took part in the scientific work to take the prescribed preventive measures in cases of detection of cetaceans within the safety zone provided for by the approved Environmental Action Plan.
  • Specialized personnel were in constant contact with the fishermen of the area to avoid both obstruction of the investigation based on the NAVTEX issued by the Navy, and any problems in their activities.
  • During the course of the investigation, the participating vessels assisted the competent port authorities in the safe mooring of ships carrying refugees.

Energean notes that the company remains committed to the exploration and exploitation of natural resources in the areas in which it operates for the benefit of our national economy, local communities and citizens. It is noted that the exploration and exploitation of the natural resources of Greece requires significant investment, time, effective administration and a strong political position.

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