February 5, 2023

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New weather deterioration: which areas will be affected

From Sunday afternoon until Monday, a new worsening of the weather comes from Italy to Greece, which will bring with it showers and local storms, mainly in the west-central and northern parts of the country.

After cyclone Ariel, which only left Greece on Thursday in an easterly direction, a new area of ​​​​low pressure is coming, which is moving eastward, and from Sunday showers, thunderstorms and storms will hit the western regions of Greece.

According to forecasts of meteorologists, the cyclone will not move further to the east and, turning off the coast of Greece, will continue to go north towards Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia.

In Athens on Sunday will continue warm windless and partly cloudy weatherin the daytime 16-18°С at night up to 9-11°С.

On Monday, there will be more clouds, the daytime temperature will drop to 14-15°C, and the nighttime temperature will drop to 11-12°C.

Almost the same Forecasters predict the weather on Monday until Wednesday, inclusive. Thursday night Light rain is possible in Athens. Daytime temperatures will continue to be 14-15°C and 11-12°C is expected at night.

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