Demonstration on Pontic loans

On Sunday 04/12/2022 at 12:00 noon, a peaceful rally will take place to resolve the problems with “Pontic loans” and protect the first home of Greek expatriates.

In Athens, the rally will be held at Davaki Square in Kallithea, and in Thessaloniki at the White Tower. The organizer of the rally addressed the Pontic Greeks:

“My dear countrymen!

As you all have already been informed, there will be a rally on Sunday 04/12/2022 at 12:00 noon.

Peaceful demonstration for solving problems with “Pontic loans” and in defense of the first home of our Greek expatriates.

With all due respect to all of you, I would like to invite as many of our friends as possible to support each of you, this is an effort made by the support group. Even those who did not take a Pontic loan should support this effort for all our compatriots – our grandmothers, our grandfathers, our children. Today they are, tomorrow we are. I speak to you frankly, with my hand on my heart!

At the moment, I don’t know how many of you have understood this, but we are still living in the conditions of another eviction, we are all living in the conditions of another war, we are also receiving another bullying from the current government. They want to push us out.

And I am addressing you not as a candidate, not as a politician, but as a compatriot. In addition, this rally is not political, but patriotic, so not a single party or organization is mentioned anywhere.

Perform in Attica with Mr. Pantelis Eleutheriadis and in Thessaloniki with Ms. Hellas Simeonidou.

I would also like to organize those who have free places in cars and those who have no means of transport to the meeting point, at least for Attica, to contact me and indicate either free places or the impossibility of movement, so that I can take efforts to transport you with what we have.

This time, we must not let them take advantage of us to taunt us again and squeeze us out. We must convey to the people that we are MANY HERE and ONE, LIKE GOD, a proud people deserve better treatment, and find the solution we deserve. Let them take responsibility and keep their promises to help with housing, employment, etc. Of which there is written evidence.

Sincerely, Petros Lykopoulos.”

Contact phones: +306993888386 and +306983294900

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