February 8, 2023

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A 93-year-old Pontian who was arrested in 2019 for selling knitted slippers has died.

“The story of the fine for selling knitted slippers without a license hurt her heart,” says Susanna’s daughter Iliadu. Despite the acquittal, she said she was ashamed.

Susana Eliado, an elderly woman whose story sparked a public outcry in 2019, was arrested in Ambelokipi in Thessaloniki after complaining that she illegally, without a license, sold her hand-knitted terliki (wool slippers) in the local market.

The elderly woman became the main topic of discussion in the media at the time. She stated that she was ashamed of what happened to her, as she tried to contribute to the financial condition of her family with this money. At that time, the woman had to endure the pain of her husband’s death in addition to the arrest and sentences of the court, which caused her health to be undermined.

Grandmother Susanna Iliad helped Ivan Savvidiwho not only paid for the lawyers, but also helped raise the media fuss, which eventually led to an acquittal.

According to protothema.gr daughter Juliet Iliadou, her 93-year-old mother recently begged God to take her away: “Unfortunately, we lost my mother. She lived at our house, but as her health deteriorated, we took her to the hospital, and a few hours later she died “Until the last moment she talked to us. But it was difficult for her to breathe, she wanted to die. She prayed to God to take her to him. I will never forget the moment when she asked me for the icon of the Virgin Mary to pray to her. She did not want So we took her to the hospital, she wanted to leave the life at home. Even the doctor who examined her told me that my mother had one or two hours to live, that’s how it happened. “

The elderly woman, speaking to reporters after being acquitted by the Thessaloniki court in November last year, did not fail to say: “Many thanks to the whole world for the love and support that have been shown to me in this adventure that I have experienced. It has finally come to an end. “.

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Her daughter also told protothema.gr: “My mom has finally been acquitted, but we still can’t believe that this big adventure that tormented my mom and the whole family is over. Since all this happened, she never went out again to sell terliks. From the moment she learned about the trial, she was very tense and upset. She said: “Who am I? A murderer or a thief?”, and wondered why she was being tried. After the decision of the court, she was very happy. The funeral of Suzanne Iliadou took place on December 29. I want to thank the mayor of Ampelokipi-Menemeni Lazaros Kirizoglou, who took care of the funeral, because “He loved my mother. She was buried in our family grave in Agios Pavlos in Halkidiki. We lost our father a year and a half ago, and he took my mother to him. In the grave we put terliki, which brought sorrow into her life.”

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