To the oldest bear in "Arcturos" turned 28 years old

The blind bear, one might say “grandfather” from the Arcturos organization, has a birthday today – he is 28 years old.

He arrived at the shelter of the organization for the protection of wild animals (in particular, bears) in 1995, at the age of one and a half years. The “grandfather” of the ARKTUROS Bear Protection Center (Κέντρου Προστασίας Αρκούδας του ΑΡΚΤΟΥΡΟΥ) has been kept here for 28 years. Yorgakis, as it is called, is now very old, since it is this species of clubfoot that lives in the wild for about 20-25 years.

Not so long ago, he showed the first symptoms of age: he developed cataracts in both eyes, due to which he lost his sight, so he was transferred to a separate section where he will live alone in safety and will not be disturbed by other bears.

The bear cub was released in 1995 at the age of one and a half years, confiscated from the owner, who treated him cruelly and held him captive.

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