Mandatory rapid test for unvaccinated workers extended until December 31

Unvaccinated workers are required to take a rapid test by December 31 once a week.

In September, the previous decision for unvaccinated workers was extended. According to the decision, the obligation of unvaccinated workers to conduct a rapid test once a week has been extended until December 31. The certificate is valid for one week from the date of issue. The diagnostic test is mandatory for those who have been vaccinated to ensure their work (physical presence at the place of work), and agreed in an individual contract.

Diagnostic test for COVID-19 coronavirus disease is carried out for a fee at the expense of the employee’s own funds without fail once a week by the method of express determination of the COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test), in private diagnostic laboratories or in private clinics, pharmacies or private doctors. Diagnostic studies do not belong to the category of those that are carried out at the expense of the employer.

Fully vaccinated are:

a) who completed the vaccination against the coronavirus COVID-19 at least 14 days ago and presented a certificate of vaccination with simultaneous verification of the identity of the owner,

b) who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus COVID-19 with the first dose of the vaccine (two-dose preparation), or have been ill with COVID-19. They need to present a certificate of full recovery (or 1 dose of vaccination) while verifying the identity of the owner.

In cases where unvaccinated private sector workers are invited to work on an emergency basis, a rapid test can be carried out on the same day.

Employees who work 1 or 2 days a week (with a break between them no more than 1 day) are obliged, under the same conditions, to undergo a diagnostic examination once a week, 24 hours before entering the workplace.

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