Vaccine campaigner dies of cardiac arrest

Julie Powell, a well-known 49-year-old writer, food blogger and … an ardent supporter of the COVID-19 vaccination, died of a heart attack. Just recently, she stated that she could not wait to receive an additional dose of the vaccine.

Julie Powell, a successful writer and well-known US food blogger who publicly stated that “anti-vaxxers/anti-masks are dying by the hundreds”, died suddenly of cardiac arrest. On Tuesday, Powell’s husband told the New York Times that his wife had died of cardiac arrest, no other details were given.

Following the news of her death, social media users were quick to point to Powell’s October 2021 tweet, in which she appeared almost literally to rejoice that Covid-19 has killed “some (wrong) wrong people.”

“I wouldn’t claim that COVID is killing some of the right people. But anti-vaccine/anti-mask people are dying by the hundreds (legions)”,” Powell tweeted in response to a woman who wished Judge Brett Kavanaugh dead after he tested positive for Covid.

Covid never kills the right people.

Our raped justice will be fine.

A real tragedy.

J. Powell, a vocal supporter of the COVID-19 vaccine, tweeted that she needed to get an extra dose of the vaccine and was looking forward to it despite the fact that she and her husband had been ill with covid in recent months. In her last tweet, from just a week ago, she also complained that she had developed a disease called Black Tongue.

So my friend and I just got over COVID and I asked my doctor about the timing of my next booster.

3 months! I didn’t expect to have to wait so long.

Therefore, as a vaccinated person, I was not tested for COVID. Is it possible for me at this stage? The history of long covid makes me uneasy, but also keep in mind that I am a hypochondriac.

In 2002, the writer began her own food blog, the goal of which was to prepare all the dishes in a year according to the recipes from the book “Lessons in French Cooking” by chef Julia Child, published in 1961. Three years after starting blogging, Powell released a memoir based on it.

The writer also wrote a book, Julie & Julia, based on her experience preparing every recipe in the cookbook that inspired the 2009 Hollywood film adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

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