July 14, 2024

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Travel all over Greece… in a few seconds

Have you been to Hellas Square? And you don’t know where it is? Then we invite you to an unusual journey.

“Πλατεία η Ελλας” is an absolutely extraordinary place located in the eastern suburb of Athens, Glika Nera. This area contains the whole of Hellas, and is recognized as the most beautiful in the country. It is a pity that not everyone knows where it is, and we decided to fill this gap.

“Hellas Square” is only a few years old, and it is even strange that it was able to get around Constitution Square with the Greek Parliament located there and Aristotle Square in Thessaloniki in terms of attractiveness. But this is true, and it is easy to see that she deserves such recognition.

On “Πλατεία η Ελλας” (ή αλλιώς “Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου”) the whole of Greece is freely spread. Don’t believe? Then you should definitely go there or just take a short trip from end to end of our country with the help of a drone, writes CNN Greece.

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