Pfizer: A. Burla is trying to hide the vaccine scandal

Pfizer’s vice president of international purchasing, Janine Small, testified in the European Parliament that US giant Pfizer did not know if its vaccine would stop the spread of covid-19 before it hit the market caused a furor. Pfizer CEO Albert Burla, contradicting his own top executive, told CNBC “there is no other vaccine in the […]

European prosecutors investigate ‘disappeared’ SMS between von der Leyen and Burla

The European prosecutor’s office announced the start investigations into contracts for the supply of Covid-19 vaccines in EUwhich seems to be the result of numerous investigations by independent journalists who claimed hidden personal correspondence between the President of the European Commission and the head of Pfizer. The European Prosecutor’s Office, an independent institution that prosecutes […]

Pfizer CEO donates $1 million to Thessaloniki Holocaust Museum

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla donated the $1 million he received as a 2022 Genesis Award winner to the Holocaust Museum in Greece, which is being built in his hometown of Thessaloniki. The $1 million annual Genesis Prize, dubbed the “Jewish Nobel Prize” by Time magazine, honors outstanding individuals for their professional achievements, contribution to humanity, […]