The driver of the truck that blew up the Crimean bridge was a Syrian Muslim

The driver of the truck that exploded on the Krymsky bridge, causing its partial collapse along a 150-meter section, as well as setting fire to seven tanks in a train that was moving along the parallel railway part of the bridge, was a Syrian citizen of the Muslim faith, sources in the Russian anti-terrorist service said.

The damage ended up being much less than originally thought, and the railway section, together with the road lane from Crimea to mainland Russia, will be returned to traffic today. For the highway, which has a traffic lane to the Crimea, it will take at least a month of restoration work.

Crimean leader Aksyonov says the undamaged section of the Crimean bridge is now open to cars and buses. All vehicles are checked at checkpoints. Considering that one lane is working, it will obviously be converted into a two-lane one and will be used to carry the goods needed by Crimea.

For Russian forces fighting in Kherson and the Zaporozhye region, equipment and supplies do not cross the bridge anyway, but are transported via Mariupol, which is a shorter route.

Syrian Muslim name is Biji al-Kamurji, and, based on early evidence, he joined an extremist Islamic sect when he came to Russia as a refugee from areas occupied by ISIS. It is suspected that he was an agent of a foreign power.

The truck was sold to him by the former owner Boris Yusobov from Krasnodar, but, according to him, he did not have time to formalize the change of ownership. As a result, the documents for the vehicle still appear as the owner.

Russian sources say the truck was subjected to a surface inspection and reportedly had palletized film on board.

However, the truck did not pass X-ray control.

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