Mitsotakis, 180° turn: “Androulakis’ actions created gaps in national security”

From the statement “I didn’t know, I’m sorry” to “Andrulakis, you are suspected of anti-national actions”, he also retreated from the electoral law: “I will not change it – these are all the machinations of V. Putin!”

“Suspicious of committing serious crimes and contacts with criminals,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis described Kinal/PASOK President Nikos Androulakis as justifying his surveillance and intercepting of his communications, and to get rid of accusations that could lead to him in the dock. Where a large number of officials can sit together with the current prime minister ΕΥΠprosecutor ΕΥΠ and former head of the National Intelligence Service, Contoleon.

So he stated that “the surveillance of Andrulakis was documented and fully justified” during another press conference at the 86th TIF, admitting that he knew about it and, of course, as the head ΕΥΠapproved it! He even clarified that “national security breaches are not created by the grocer or the grocer, but by those in positions of power and authority”, referring to President PASOK!

Thus, the activities of N. Androulakis, according to Mitsotakis, were anti-national and caused a “split in national security.” He even suggested that Nikos Androulakis go to the National Security Service and find out the details of his surveillance. That is, he calls the victim of a felony to ask why a felony was committed against him!

Recall that, according to the law, Androulakis does not have to prove whether someone likes him or not, why he was followed, but to prove to those who followed him (six directors of the ISS, former commander of the ISS P. Kontoleon, prosecutor V. Vlachu and Prime Minister Minister K. Mitsotakis by law) why they were following him, and this proof should be public!

This raises a huge question, since Mitsotakis himself stated that “he did not know and apologized”, and this is not once, but six times! It is clear that now he realized that “I did not know and I apologize” does not relieve him of the charge of a criminal offense and decided to go for broke, changing tactics and stating: “We were following N. Andrulakis correctly.”

Only now he will have to prove his words, since he not only declares that he was fully aware of the surveillance, but also makes a decision about the correctness of this surveillance. Otherwise, it turns out that he “lives in a different world”, stating that “the government can support the economy and society, thanks to high growth rates”, telling such blatant lies (for example, that a Spaniard pays for gas cheaper than a Greek, while he pays only a third of the cost), which raises the question of who is telling him these things, and whether he believes them, and conveys them, or is knowingly lying!

Moreover, when asked to explain “what forces are undermining stability in the country,” Mitsotakis stated that … it is Vladimir Putin who plays an important role in gas supplies, arguing that “this is a Russian strategy, but the goal is to prevent interference that could would affect the outcome of the election. However, he promised (as far as Mitsotakis’s promise can be convincing) that “he will not change the electoral law.” “We will act in accordance with the existing electoral law. It would be institutionally irresponsible to change the electoral law a few months before the elections, because it lowers the bar self-sufficiency,” he said.

What caused this? It may be that there is growing support for SYRIZA in society as it now shows that it will be the first party in the elections and subsequently, with an electoral law that lowers the bar in the next elections, it can form an independent government!

And here Mitsotakis asked the “frightening” question “would the citizens of Greece want to have a government consisting of SYRIZA, KINAL, Mera25 with the support of the CKE”?. The answer is very simple: what crimes did he commit during his years in office, from immigration and vaccines to wiretapping, to bring this possibility closer to reality?

In particular, he described with obvious arrogance the “political monster” if a coalition government is formed without New Democracy, only Tsipras, Androulakis and Varoufakis and Koutsoumbas (the likelihood of the KKE in a coalition with SYRIZAYU, PASOK and Mera25 is unlikely, but still acceptable), as he put it. He still cannot believe that the loss of electoral support, according to a recent poll, is not an accident, and that the gap will widen over time…

A. Papandreou said the same thing (“teratogenesis”) in order to cope with his collapse in 1989, and as a result, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, the father of the current prime minister, went along with the Central governmentannetakis, by entering into an alliance with the left-wing coalition of Synapismos, the predecessor of SYRIZA, which at that time included the KKE, and pulling the country out of the crisis, although this took two more election battles until April 1990. The same thing will happen now, with the only difference being that one or two right-wing parties may appear in the new government, which will become a polarizing battering ram in the Mitsotakis system.

Commenting on the increase in provocations from Turkey, he insisted on the need to keep open the channel of communication with the neighboring country. I did not say “Erdogan yok,” he said, emphasizing that it was the Turkish president who “blew up” the bridges of communication with Greece.

He stressed that the government must exhaust the electoral cycle, accusing the opposition of irresponsibility, which, he said, seeks to lead the country to early elections. He noted that he did not intend to leave the country in the hands of the interim government against the backdrop of Turkish provocations and a difficult winter for society.

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