Politico: Nixon’s fate awaits Mitsotakis

World media compare the story of the wiretapping of the opposition and journalists with the Watergate scandal in the United States: “The wiretapping scandal will not be forgotten, and will continue to haunt him.” Almost all major Western media are opposed to the Mitsotakis government: Politico, with its today’s article entitled “Spy scandal overshadows the […]

Mitsotakis, 180° turn: “Androulakis’ actions created gaps in national security”

From the statement “I didn’t know, I’m sorry” to “Andrulakis, you are suspected of anti-national actions”, he also retreated from the electoral law: “I will not change it – these are all the machinations of V. Putin!” “Suspicious of committing serious crimes and contacts with criminals,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis described Kinal/PASOK President Nikos Androulakis […]

Mistake of Mitsotakis that led to the union of PASOK and SYRIZA

One of them is the main political conclusion from the criminal wiretapping case, namely: the possible post-election cooperation between Mitsotakis and Androulakis finally disappeared after the incident. The wiretapping case, besides having a criminal dimension, is a political mistake of enormous proportions, because after everything that happened, the New Democracy government managed to create a […]

Adonis Georgiadis: "Behind the wiretapping of Andrulakis is Russia or Turkey"

Greek Investment and Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who recently spoke with the New York Times about Russian or Turkish involvement in the wiretapping scandal, believes that SYRIZA, which is fanning the scandal, is playing into the hands of the Kremlin. “SYRIZA pretends not to understand what I said to the New York Times. Powers like […]

Economou to Andrulakis: he can get all the answers in the proper order

Government spokesman Giannis Economou responded to the harsh allegation of espionage by the president of the PASOK-KINAL party: “He can get answers in the proper institutional way.” As we previously reported, PASOK-KINAL President Nikos Androulakis, in a statement following Mitsotakis’ speech, calls for the reason for his request to be made public immediately with the […]

Androulakis: "I ask you to immediately announce the reason for the surveillance of me by ΕΥΠ"

The president of the third most influential political party in Greece, PASOK – KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, in a statement after Mitsotakis’s speech, asks to immediately make public the reason for the surveillance of him by the National Intelligence Service (ΕΥΠ). Full text of the statement: “With today’s announcement, the Prime Minister once again attempted to […]

Greek Watergate: resignation of the head of the ΕΥΠ and the head of the prime minister’s staff

The head of the Greek National Security Service, Panagiotis Kontoleon, resigned following the head of the Prime Minister’s administration, G. Dimitriadis, under the weight of the wiretapping scandal, which is already being called the “Greek Watergate.” In fact, the commission accuses the Greek government that if Androulakis’s complaint is confirmed, it will become main culprit […]

"Greek intelligence admits to spying on journalist"- Reuters

The Greek intelligence chief told a parliamentary committee that his agency was spying on the journalist, two people present said, coinciding with growing pressure on the government to shed light on the use of malware for surveillance. A closed committee hearing last week was convened after the leader of the socialist opposition party, PASOK KINAL, […]