Greeks are outraged in social networks: “We will starve because of them”

Worst winter in Europe, comparable, according to Adonis Georgiadis, from 1942, when Greece was under Nazi occupation, is just around the corner. At least in those European countries that have been recognized as “unfriendly” to Russia and are experiencing retaliatory sanctions from Moscow.

Brussels and the UK are trying to cut their gas consumption by 15%, but the “hole” that retaliatory sanctions have punched in their economies is more than 30%.

Kremlin recently announcedthat Russian gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will stop until the West lifts sanctions against Moscow, which means that now the hardest part begins.

In recent hours, the citizens of Greece have been tweeting their anger and outrage at the rapid rising prices on basic necessities and electricity, causing family budgets to go haywire.

The government’s failure to provide real relief to households and citizens who see their pockets emptied is now evident. Electricity bills keep coming overpricedand the exorbitant amounts that must be paid to the inhabitants of Greece are “staggering.”

For several days now, government officials have been warning of a tough winter ahead, urging citizens to reduce their electricity consumption and find alternative ways to heat. At the same time, the government shifts all the blame for the crisis and rising prices on Putin.

At the same time, the authorities are preparing us for a drop in the standard of living, not wanting, it seems, on practice support society and vulnerable citizens.

The hashtag #Mitsotakis resign is one of the top 10 trending trends.

Some of the related posts on Twitter:

We gave the offspring the opportunity to play with the country, like with a ball. Now that it’s blown away, let’s see what we can do.
In any case, you won’t have harsh winters if the people you choose do their jobs well.

We live in a country where energy cartels, supermarket cartels, golden boys and all kinds of “consultants” make a fortune, and for people there are only “harsh winters”, all kinds of benefits and quarantines.

So that the old people remember, and the youth learn. The MPs you vote for will not be left without electricity, they will not have money problems, they will not have to wait for a doctor in the emergency room, and their child will not be left without a doctor.

When he says, “We’ll get through this harsh winter together,” what does he mean? How will he take us on vacation with him?

I’m thinking of ordering this set. You cook without electricity as the base takes wood and you have a fire to cook with. They are removable for washing. The right-wing extremists we have contacted will set us back a century.

Blackout in the center of Thessaloniki. Today we have power outages in the city all day long. In many stores there is no electricity, DEN has to compensate these people.

The Greeks are starving because of them, and they shamelessly advertise their exorbitant superprofits, which lead to the impoverishment of all of us. They do this and will continue to do so until you stop them.

I’m thinking about ordering this car. You ride without gas, as there is a hole in the base, and for movement you raise your legs.
This will take us back a century to those rightists that we had problems with.

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