Greece: Tragic rise in prices – 25% in one month for food in supermarkets

Buying the same groceries every week, the citizens see the prices in supermarkets literally rising before their eyes…

With a calculator in hand and a shopping list limiting the amount of items that are not essential, consumers are losing patience.

Pasta detergents have risen in price, even aluminum foil. The rise in prices is dizzying

The increase is very noticeable, and especially in food.

Name September 2021 August 2022 % growth
Spaghetti 1.05 1.20 fourteen%
Toilet paper
12 pcs.
8.40 9.53 fourteen%
Tuna 2 pcs 5.6 6.88 23%

It is in meat and dairy products that the real “slaughterhouse” takes place:

Name % growth
kaseri cheese 123%
Butter 102%
Bakery 123%

Basic foodstuffs have dried up to an unimaginable level

Name March 2022 August 2022 % growth
Flour 1.28 1.74 36%
Sunflower oil 3.62 4.91 35%
Bread for toast 1.59 1.85 16%
Smoked turkey for toast 10.01 13.40 34%

The family ends up paying for their weekly purchases instead of 90 euros as last year, an amount of 170 euros this summer for the same products, an increase of almost 90%, which will be more from autumn, when we will see again grown for energy and all this will create an explosive mixture that could bring down the current government.

In fact, we can already talk about real 50%-70% inflation, which is still masked by the authorities with the help of a pocket statistical agency.

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