March 24, 2023

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The Municipality of Athens supports the most vulnerable

The Municipality of Athens announced the distribution of organic products to the most vulnerable in the face of the economic crisis – the financially vulnerable people with disabilities.

How informs CNN Greece, there will be three food distributions in total: September 15, September 30 and October 15. One hundred people with a confirmed disability of at least 67% will be the first to receive organic products with high nutritional value.

The pilot program is funded by the European Social Fund. An application for participation in it can be submitted by interested persons of any age with a confirmed disability of any type – mental, motor, sensory, etc. Applications are accepted until 17:00 Friday 19 August. Citizens who are in the most difficult financial situation are given priority.

Kostas Bakoyannis, mayor of the Greek capital, called the program “groundbreaking” as it “enables the weakest of the vulnerable to access quality nutrition.” In his speech at the Athens Municipality, he stressed:

“We must use all available resources, financial instruments, national or European programs to support those most in need. We do this with absolute respect for the dignity of all human beings. With special care for people with disabilities. Our society moves forward when we all move forward together equally.”

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