Sunken ship found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea

A previously unknown shipwreck was discovered during research conducted at the bottom of the Aegean Sea.

According to researcher Kostas Toktaridis, the wreck is located at a depth of 110 meters west of Kythnos, and the first evidence shows that there was an explosion in its bow. “The general appearance and features of shipbuilding (wreckage without holds) show that this is a very old and, in all likelihood, a warship,” says Kostas Toktaridis, who, after underwater research, will move on to historical ones. The scientist intends to find evidence to identify the vessel.

In the course of underwater research conducted using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), it turned out that the total length of the sunken ship is about 40 meters. Its nose is turned to the north. At a distance of 30 meters from the stern of the sunken ship, debris was found widely scattered along the bottom, which gives the impression that the ship had a very powerful explosion while it was on the surface.

Judging by the damage done, the ship sank too quickly.

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