The war in Ukraine caused the beating of Russians in Turkey

In Turkish Alanya, Polish tourists beat Russian – they could not reach an agreement on the war in Ukraine.

The incident took place at the Quattro Beach Hotel on July 13. At first, four Polish tourists and a married couple from Russia were talking peacefully. But then the conversation turned to recent events in Ukraine. The Poles tried to find out how the Russians feel about the war, reports STOPKORreferring to the Turkish edition of DIP.

According to one version, a married couple from the southern regions of Russia was invited to a “friendly” conversation in a team of four Poles. After a while, the guests from Poland started talking about the war in Ukraine and wanted to ask their interlocutors about their attitude to the “special operation”, but the Russians refused this conversation. Having received a refusal, one of the Polish tourists allegedly began to pester the Russian woman, and after her husband was indignant, a brawl began.

According to another version, as the media write with reference to the hotel staff, the Poles, along with the Russians, drank alcohol and talked. The husband walked away for a few minutes, and when he returned, he noticed the hand of one of the interlocutors on the shoulder of his wife.

Another version is put forward by a representative of Quattro Beach:

“This situation, most likely, became the basis for further conflict. A citizen of the Russian Federation went to the table and touched a Pole woman on the way. She fell, and as a result, her friends started a brawl with the Russian.”

Be that as it may, the final was a brawl in which no one intervened – the hotel staff, who took the side of the Poles, just watched. The Turkish police who arrived at the hotel detained the Russians – the Poles managed to retreat. Russian tourists were put in a cell and released in the morning. According to the Turkish edition, the Russians staged a genuine hysteria, accusing Turkish hoteliers of violating all the laws of hospitality and allowing crimes against tourists, primarily from Russia:

“Security and hotel staff watched in silence and did not intervene, despite the cries and requests of the couple, who tried to break up the fight on their own.”

According to the Russian media, one of the beaten Russians was not given first aid, but was taken to the police and forced to confess that he deliberately provoked aggression against him. In the morning, the Russian got to the hotel, and his wife helped him.

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