Turkey to phase out 5-star hotels

Huge five-star hotels have become for Turkey almost “no alternative” type of tourism. What is the reason? At the thematic meeting “Alternative Tourism and Investment Opportunities”, which was held as part of the 13th Bosphorus Investment Summit, Bentour Chairman Kadir Ugur addressed Turkish entrepreneurs. He urged to abandon the mass construction of 5-star hotels, giving […]

The couple spent the night in the port of Piraeus, they were not allowed into any hotel because of the dog

The couple experienced incredible hardships, as no hotel accepted them with their pet. It was not one, not two, not three, but six consecutive hotel check-outs that the couple received because their dog was with them. As a result, two sightseers from Thessaloniki spent the night in the port of Piraeus. Chronicle of their “Odyssey” […]

In Crete, hydrochloric acid was poured into the pool

Instead of bleach, employees of one of the Cretan hotels poured hydrochloric acid into the pool. According to the message creta24.gra dangerous incident took place in a hotel in Agios Nikolaos, creating a high risk to others and requiring the intervention of specialists from the 3rd EMAK of Crete (3η ΕΜΑΚ Κρήτης). The chemical compound […]

Havana: 22 victims after 5-star hotel explosion

A massive explosion at Havana’s exclusive Saratoga Hotel has claimed the lives of 22 people and more than 60 have been hospitalized. According to the initial version, a gasoline tank parked near the Saratoga Hotel caught fire, the explosion caused by fire destroyed several floors of the building, reports air force. The hotel was preparing […]

The chef of the hotel in Hurghada, where the Russians were poisoned, was detained

Among the tourists who poisoned themselves at a hotel in Hurghada and were hospitalized are 29 Russians, 14 Estonians and four Czechs. The incident is being investigated by the Egyptian Attorney General. As reported RIA News, the staff of the AMC Royal hotel, after mass poisoning guests were detained, including the chef, according to a […]

Emergency in an Egyptian hotel: 40 Russians hospitalized in Hurghada

Yesterday evening, TASS, citing a source in the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Egypt, reported about ten Russian tourists who were hospitalized and poisoned in a hotel in Hurghada. The number has risen to forty this morning. The prosecutor’s office closed the hotel indefinitely for violating sanitary standards. After lunch yesterday, 10 Russian tourists felt […]