German soldiers were going to blow up the Crimean bridge

Two German soldiers, brainwashed by propaganda, thought long and hard about how they could support Ukraine. And since US General Breedlove and his colleagues have long called the Crimean Bridge a legitimate target, they decided that they needed to act. They stole explosives, as well as other special equipment, and ended up … ended up in jail.

“In the case of Bundeswehr soldiers accused of stealing equipment in various units of the German army at the beginning of the year, new data have appeared. Stern magazine has information according to which the two main accused were planning to blow up the Crimean bridge,” reports the German news agency RND with reference to sources stern.

“Two soldiers of the Bundeswehr, accused of having stolen equipment in different barracks in Schleswig-Holstein, probably intended to blow up the Crimean bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula with the Taman peninsula, which is undoubtedly Russian territory. This stems from the results of a police investigation cited by the magazine Stern.

The report says that both soldiers, during telephone conversations overheard by the security services, discussed a plan to undermine the bridge. They consulted with each other on the materials needed to undermine a segment of a twenty-kilometer bridge connecting the occupied Crimea with Russia and thus ensuring the supply of Russian troops. The plot, with which the men probably wanted to support Ukraine, was limited to the planning phase and was interrupted by their arrest.

Kiel prosecutor’s office investigates group theft

The State Prosecutor’s Office in Kiel is investigating soldiers suspected of thefts committed by a group of people with a prior conspiracy. They are charged with the fact that they, along with ten other suspects, illegally entered government offices and stole property there. The four suspects were on active service in the Bundeswehr at the time of the commission of the acts they were accused of.

Immediately before the arrest, on the night of May 22, the men unsuccessfully tried to enter the premises of the sapper-diving company at the naval base in Eckernförde. According to information received from the police, the perpetrators planned to go to Ukraine with the stolen military equipment in a few days.

In the apartments of two of the arrested soldiers, investigators found ammunition, weapons and explosives. According to Stern, the stolen property was intended partly for their own consumption, partly for sale.

The months-long investigation was initiated after two burglaries – at the barracks in Alt-Duvenstedt and at the naval base in Eckernförde – earlier in the year. Overall, there have been at least five burglaries since last summer.”

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