Skiathos: a British tourist suffered a head injury from the turbine of a plane taking off

On one of the most favorite “attractions” for tourists on the island of Skiathos, the victims are again. A British tourist suffered a traumatic brain injury when a blast of air from an airplane turbine knocked her to the ground.

The incident took place less than a month after the day when the airflow from the engine of another aircraft swept an elderly man into the sea and prompted the intervention of the local prosecutor’s office.

The 61-year-old British tourist was reportedly standing on a railing parapet near Skiathos Airport filming the plane taking off, ignoring the powerful airflow from its turbines.

The woman was immediately taken to the island’s medical center, where she diagnosed traumatic brain injury, pelvic fracture, injuries of the right shoulder and left forearm. On Wednesday, she was taken by private boat to Volos Hospital on the mainland. The incident with the serious injury of a tourist caused the intervention of the prosecutor’s office of Volos, the case is being investigated by the Skiathos Police Department.

June 20 one more British tourist, 79-year-old manwas thrown into the sea by the airflow from the aircraft’s turbine during landing.

Skiathos airport is world famous for its spectacular landings and takeoffs, as the runway is adjacent to the coastal road. As a result, planes overfly just a few meters over the tourists gathered to stare at the free attraction. This spectacle is, in some way, a feature of this island.

There are traffic lights on the site, as well as dozens of signs warning of the danger posed by the presence of people behind the runway. However, curious tourists still come to the dangerous area in order to get their dose of adrenaline. Unfortunately not always – without prejudice to health.

Video how it goes…

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