Bhutan opens for tourists in September, but the trip will cost a lot

After a long pandemic break, Bhutan is again ready to receive tourists from September. However, now the tourist fee will be much higher and amount to two hundred dollars per day.

According to BB.LVreferring to CNN, so the tiny country is trying to revive its economy, since the country’s main source of income is tourism.

The Himalayan kingdom is located between India and China. Bhutan attracts tourists from all over the world with its ancient Buddhist culture and luxurious nature.

Over the entire period of the pandemic in a country with a population of approximately 800 thousand people, only 21 people died from coronavirus. But the economy has collapsed as entry into the country has been closed due to COVID-19 since March 2020. Now, with the help of tourists, the country will try to “get back on its feet.”

The Bhutan Tourism Board said that from September 23, entry into the country will be allowed. But if earlier the tourist tax was $65 per night, now it is increased to $200. Authorities suggest that this will not deter wealthy tourists. And as a “bonus” they will now have the opportunity to plan the route themselves – previously only ready-made packages with a minimum mandatory cost were offered.

In Bhutan, they are very sensitive to the environment, and the new contribution, as well as the previous one, is announced as compensation for the carbon impact of tourists.

Bhutan opened to wealthy travelers in 1974 with 300 visitors. In 2019, the number of tourists visiting the tiny kingdom was 315,600.

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