In Hurghada, a shark left a tourist without an arm and leg (video)

In Egyptian Hurghada, a shark attacked a woman, biting off her arm and leg, according to Gaming Deputy.

The injured Austrian citizen was hospitalized, however, according to unofficial information, she died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. Rescuers forbade other tourists to swim in the place where the tragedy occurred.

According to, it is difficult to accurately determine the cause of a shark attack on a tourist. Perhaps she provoked a predator or violated the ban on swimming after sunset. The latter is due to the fact that in the Red Sea there are predators that are active precisely in the dark. However, the video shows that at the time of the tragedy it was light. An employee of one of the hotels in the Egyptian resort says:

Sharks don’t usually attack first. There must be a reason. Either the predator was attracted by a large number of fish that are food for her, or the woman provoked the attack with her behavior.

According to her, a large number of fish appears off the coast of hotels due to the fact that tourists are actively feeding her food from the buffet, despite the ban. A shark could also drop into such a “feast”, although the appearance of these predators in Hurghada is rarely recorded.

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