Premier of Belgium: "Ukraine’s military victory is the only way to end the war"

At the NATO summit, they named the only way to end the war in Ukraine and solve the problems of the global crisis caused by it.

Alexandre De Cros, the Prime Minister of Belgium, said at the summit of the member countries of the alliance about the need for a military victory for Ukraine, and for this it is necessary to help her win this war, writes Sudinfo.

The Belgian prime minister stressed that Western sanctions had hit hard not only Russia, but also the European population. He mentioned the “energy war” that Moscow has been conducting since February of this year. De Cro says:

“The best way to end all this is to help Ukraine win militarily. We have no other choice.”

According to the Prime Minister of Belgium, his country has already supplied military equipment to Ukraine and intends to continue doing so.

Earlier, our publication reported that at the end of May, the Minister of National Defense of Greece found himself in an uncomfortable position when the official opposition asked him about the hidden shipment of weapons to Ukraine. Greece’s main opposition party SYRIZA blamed the government in the covert shipment of weapons to Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the parliamentarians learned about this not from their own government, but from US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who, without hesitation, leaked this information on Twitter.

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