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“Decolonization” – the US government initiated discussions on the idea of ​​dividing Russia into parts

The US government launched a discussion about the “moral and strategic” necessity of dividing Russia into several separate states. A briefing on the “decolonization of Russia” was held at the US Government Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, writes Niccolo Soldo in the article “Delirium about Russia” on the Substack portal.

By according to Soldohe received an email invitation to participate in an online briefing titled “Russia’s Decolonization: A Moral and Strategic Imperative” hosted by the US government-controlled Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the Helsinki Commission.

According to the text of the announcement cited by the author, “it is time to take into account that Moscow retains its dominion over many indigenous non-Russian peoples within the borders of its state. It is time to see the cruelty with which the Kremlin suppresses their national self-expression and self-determination.” Therefore, “there is currently a serious, inclusive discussion going on about how to deal with Russia’s innate imperialism. Russia’s aggressiveness has spurred a long overdue discussion about how to “decolonise” Russia, as it is “the legal successor to the Soviet Union, which hid its colonial ambitions under anti-imperial and anti-capitalist rhetoric.” As Soldo noted, we are talking about the “urgent need” for the division of Russia, and the reasons for this are purely “moral and strategic.”

The article emphasizes that at the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, US representatives stated that their goal was to weaken Russia in the theater of operations. However, then the State Department announced the “need for regime change” so that the Russians could join the countries of the “free world” – those that submitted to America. Now, writes Soldo, with the current idea of ​​”decolonization,” US policymakers have gone even further. In fact, the United States is openly telling the Russians that both the change of power and democratization as punishment are no longer enough. The conference participants demand that Russia be divided into several small states so that the United States will be able to control them more easily.

According to Soldo, the genius of the United States lies in the incredible ease of appropriating any trends and extracting benefits from them: in the trend for political correctness, the process of crushing and absorbing the territory of a sovereign country received a new progressive name – decolonization.

However, the US is not just using leftist terminology as a ploy, on the contrary, Soldo notes, American politicians have now fanatically believed in it themselves. According to him, most of the American foreign policy elite is in a dangerous obsession, a sense of omnipotence, and considers themselves eternal winners, even though this is not supported by the facts.


A common thread in post-war histories of World War II was one that liked to portray Adolf Hitler as increasingly unhinged and out of touch with reality towards the end of the Third Reich. We were told stories about how he liked to indulge in flights of fancy, looking at the architectural models of the new Berlin that was to be built after the German victory in the war, despite the fact that the Allies were already approaching from both sides. Illusions of future greatness while everything around him collapsed.

The feeling of omnipotence after a string of great successes can often make a person think of himself as a permanent winner, incapable of defeat. This becomes misleading when the facts on the ground contradict the perception of victory. This is real estate currently occupied by much of the US foreign policy community.

Yesterday I was alerted to this “online briefing” tomorrow:

Yes, you understood correctly: the discussion about the “necessity” of dividing Russia for “moral and strategic” reasons. Who is the Committee for Security and Cooperation in Europe, you ask?

The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the US Helsinki Commission, is an independent commission of the US federal government. For over 45 years, the Commission has monitored compliance with the Helsinki Accords and promoted comprehensive security by promoting human rights, democracy, and economic, environmental and military cooperation in the 57-country OSCE region.

In short, this is another of the millions of committees run and funded by the US government. Earlier today, the US government held a discussion about the “necessity” of partitioning Russia. Let me think about this a little.

This group is led by four women and one man, all of whom have gone through the Regime Change NGO Complex, be it the International Crisis Group, Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, the German Marshall Fund, the Soros Octopus, and so on. There are just too many bands they’ve collectively worked on to list, so we won’t do it. Instead, here are their names and biographies:

  • Fatima Tlis (ova) – National Endowment for Democracy Fellow (Regime Change Center)
  • Botakoz Kasymbekova – Oxus Society, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of History and Social Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Erika Marat – National Defense University (USA)
  • Anna Gopko – Chairperson of the conference “Democracy in Action”
  • Casey Michel – Hudson Institute

These are your typical “swamp creatures” who profit from the suffering of those who are being persecuted by the US for regime change. Their views always align with US State Department policy, no matter how they phrase their words. Pure coincidence, of course.

Shift in terms
What is remarkable about this discussion is the shift from the “spread of freedom and democracy” to the need to “decolonize” Russia.

The export of democracy has been one of the main concepts used to justify post-9/11 US expansionism and interventionism. It was the product of the neoconservatives who held the helm of US foreign policy under George W. Bush. US failures to spread democracy in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, etc. have tarnished these neocons, resulting in reputational damage. But since responsibility for failure has been a foreign concept in the US for some time now, these neocons have taken time out to lick their wounds and then rehabilitate their image by joining the opposition to Trump, branding themselves as “defenders of democracy”, whether at home or abroad. They managed to successfully sneak back into the corridors of power.

These neoconservatives have managed to take the wheel of politics back into their own hands, and in tandem with the liberal interventionists, they are happy to drag the West into open conflict with Russia, increasing their support for Ukraine and trying to provoke Russia into overreacting, for example by pushing Lithuania to termination of transit goods from Russia to the Russian Kaliningrad region. Their matron

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